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Payment history is also available.

*You must have an email on-file in Wengage in order to use this site.


Parents of Tahlequah Public Schools Students: 

You may login using your Parent Portal username to view and pay fees/fines for all of your students under one username.

It may take up to 24 hours after creating your Wengage account before being able to log in here.  Once you have access to the parent portal, please click below to set your password for InTouch.  You may use the same password for both, but the passwords are not linked to each other. 


1st Time TouchBase Users:      

     Username:  Your Wengage Email Address
     Password:   Click here to set your password

Returning Users:

       Username:  Your Wengage username
       Password:  Password created during first visit to InTouch Receipting


      If you need to reset your password, please CLICK HERE to have a password reset email sent to your email address on file. 


      You may access the Wengage Parent/Student portal here:  Wengage Portal


Guests - Please DO NOT create a Guest Account if you have a student at Tahlequah Public Schools.

      If you DO NOT have a student at Tahlequah School District and would like to make an online purchase, please Create a Guest Account 

      or visit Tahlequah Public Schools Donation PageYou may direct your donation to the site and program of your choice. 

      Thank you for supporting our students. 


      *When you donate on the donation page please note that you will not be able to access receipts in the future, you must create a guest account to be able to have that feature. 


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